Here’s another great video blog from Rivers Edge Outfitters. This video is focused on the importance of having Polarized Sunglasses while fishing. Make sure to choose the right lens color for the area you will be fishing as well. In the streams we fish around the Great Smoky Mountains, we use a lot of lighter colored lenses, as the video mentions, lighter color lenses such as copper or yellow amber lenses will add a touch of brightness in the well canopied type streams in our area. This will allow to you not only see fish in the water, but also is a big help with wading, as you will be able to see the bottom of the stream where you are walking. Having Polarized Sunglasses will help you read water better, and in turn will help you catch more fish. If you been trying to fish without Polarized Sunglasses you have been, essentially, fishing blind. Not all Polarized Sunglasses are super expensive, here at REO we use Flying Fisherman sunglasses which are really great lenses for fishing, and won’t break the bank to have a couple pairs either. Pick up some Polarized Sunglasses in our online store and don’t forget to get a pair of sunglasses retainers as well so that you don’t lose your glasses in the stream. Enjoy the video.


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