The West Farm Fly Fishing Club and Fly Club on Rock creek are fishing great!  Lots of fish and lots of big fish. I’ve actually never seen so many big fish caught like I have in the last two weeks, it’s been unreal.  Our club at West Farm has put some fish over 10 pounds in the net, and quite a few of them!  Brasstown Creek at West Farm is a slow flowing stream with long slow pools, providing  the opportunity to sight fish for these giant trout! Watching the fish actually open their mouth to eat your fly or chase down a streamer is hard to beat.  Sight fishing with a guide can be very effective,  with you fishing and your highly experienced guide watching the trouts every move we are bound to hook the fish. Landing one of the giants is another story!  Coming from someone that has fished all over the world these are hands down some of the hardest fighting fish I’ve ever hooked into. It honestly seems like you’re never going to get one in once your hooked up!  In two trips between 4 people we have put 80 fish in the net, with most of those being no less than 14 inches, and a lot of big trout mixed in from the 18-27 inch range.  These fish are like salmon when you hook one, and are beautiful, healthy fish with all the bugs at The West Farm on Brasstown Creek!

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