Our private water on Little Rock Creek and on Big Rock Creek is absolutely on fire right now!  Our trips this week have put no less than 20 fish in the net with 10 of those being in the 18-25 inch range. Nymphs, streamers, dry flies, you name it and they are eating it. There was a lot of bug activity yesterday. Yellow sallies popped off in decent numbers and our big fish at Rock Creek were rising to them!  On Big Rock Creek we are seeing a lot of golden stonefly shucks on the rocks and trees and so,  of course the Pats Rubber Leg nymph did the trick on some big feeding fish.  The rain barely came through Spruce Pine today as they were calling for a lot of rain, but it didn’t show!  High and clear water is big fish heaven and it showed these past couple weeks!  Lots of big fish and lot of fish in general.


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