Fishing on the Cherokee Indian Reservation

In addition to a NC Fishing license, you must obtain a Tribal permit. We sell them, so no worries.

Regular Permit
$10.00 per day – Tribal permit, for each person 12 years of age and over, for streams and ponds. No other fishing permit or license is accepted. Children under 12 are allowed to fish when accompanied by a permitted adult. Two-, three-, and five-day permits are available at a reduced rate of $17 for a two-day, $27 for a three-day, and $47 for a five-day permit. A single season’s permit is available for $250.

Catch-and-Release Special Use Permit
$25 for a one–three day permit, or $75 per year, with the purchase of a general tribal fishing permit. The Special Use Permit allows use of the catch-and-release area designated on Raven Fork. All general fishing regulations apply to this permit, as do the following Special Use Regulations within the catch-and-release area:

Tackle is limited to fly rods, reels, and line with a maximum of 18 feet of leader material or monofilament line attached.
Only artificial flies and streamers constructed of natural or synthetic material on a single, barbless hook are permitted.
Only one single-hook fly per line is permitted.

Fishing with multiple flies attached to a single line (droppers) is permitted.

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