Fly Fishing Team USA member Scott Enloe, as well as, Hunter Enloe a member of Team USA Youth Fly Fishing Team will be presenting a seminar on competitive fly fishing tactics and the latest in fly fishing techniques at Bass Pro Shops in Concord, North Carolina.  We will cover the latest in fly fishing techniques, the techniques we use day in and day out to consistently catch fish, and the tactics we use on the competitive fly fishing scene. All of these techniques have transitioned over into our normal everyday fishing trips and consistently work all over the world.  This seminar will include European style nymphing techniques, american nymphing and why it’s not the best way,  basic casting and a presentation with a few more casts that you will use every time you’re on the water.  We will be covering streamer fishing, fly choice, fly weight, knots, tippet selection, rod and reel selection, leader setup, and reading water, which is very crucial, dry dropper fishing and the proper rigging for this killer technique.  We are covering it all and its all for free!

Dad and I are always on the river trying to help people catch more fish, giving flies to other fisherman and even rigging their rod!  This is our way of giving back and educating people on the world of fly fishing and simply just helping other fly fisherman catch more fish! Our presentation starts at 6:30 PM on Wednesday May 13th! So come out and enjoy our presentation and ask all the questions you need!  We also suggest something for notes because its a lot of information that you are not going to want to forget once you get to the river!photo (3)

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