In the last couple weeks we have been fishing all over!  Smallie fishing and all of the trout water near Spruce Pine and in Cherokee has been on fire.  The topwater popper smallie action has been insane! A lot of fish and big fish are coming up to the surface to blow up on a poppers.   Smallmouth fishing will only get better as the weather gets warmer and we get further into the summer months.

We’ve had several trips on our private water, Big and Little Rock Creek, and have put some huge fish in the net. I spotted a 23-25 inch wild brown on the lower end on Little Rock Creek and had a client hook up on him with a squirmy worm nymph but it didn’t last long, sadly it broke off.  Also, its getting close to that time of year when big fish will rise to a size 10 stimulator or foam hopper, not just foam hoppers but huge hoppers like we use out west!  It’s at that time of year too when we really utilize the dry dropper technique.  Fish coming up to eat your dry as well as taking the nymph below, with the right drag free drift you will be into fish all day long!  All the surrounding Delayed Harvest waters, such as the Tuck,  Nantahala, and the North Toe in Spruce Pine have all been fishing excellent with some great dry fly opportunities!

With so many bugs coming off this time of year we are fishing a lot of generic and basic flies,  flies that represent 10 different bugs instead of just banking on one fly that looks like one bug.  Basic size 12 and 14 Pheasant tail nymphs, size 12 and 14 hares ear nymphs will do the trick under a sz. 12 stimulator or big bushy dry.

Its time to get out and fish! I know we have been! Give us a call at either store at (1-828-765-3474) in Spruce pine or (1-828-497-9300) in cherokee or book a trip online!

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