Elk. Eagles. Turkeys. Monster Trout. Those are just a few of the things we’ve been seeing lately on our guide trips on the Cherokee Indian Reservation..and not necessarily in that order. The scenery here can be absolutely breathtaking. Watching elk graze in a field as the sun sets over the mountains is a site everyone should see at least once in their life.

The fish have been a little picky with the fluctuating weather and water temps. We’ve had luck with larger streamers on a slow retrieve, dry dropping dark zebra midges, or the good ole reliable flashback Hares Ear. Each of our guides also has their “go-to” fly that seems to always produce. It’s hard to describe the fishing. We’ll share a few pictures to help try to explain how awesome the fishing is on the reservation. But until you’ve stalked a trout that can be measured in feet and felt the power as the line is ripped from the reel..words and pictures just can’t do it justice.

A fish of a lifetime. That’s how these fish could be described. When you land several fish of a lifetime on one guide trip, it just becomes the trip of a lifetime. You’ll be left with amazing memories, awesome pictures…and probably a sore wrist. These fish FIGHT!
Our guides specialize in getting clients on big fish and lots of them. Using everything from dry flies to streamers – and we specialize in euro nymphing – our goal is to give you the trip of a lifetime!

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